The OLMA srl. is specialized in the machining of precision turning .

Always placing highly qualified staff we are able to achieve mechanical parts machined to customer specification , thanks to our equipment we carry out machining from bar covering a range that goes from 8 mm up to 65 mm massino , equipped with driven tools , and opportunity to work on all types of material , from ferrous stainless steels , special steels , aluminum alloys , brass, bronze , copper, cast iron , titanium, plastics generally from nylon, delrin to pom- c , rulon , PTFE natural and loaded, peek ..

The OLMA srl makes use of the latest technology, the most advanced machines for turning, we have a lathe spindle with double and twin turret with driven tools and caricabarre , ensuring all the work concentrated in a single machinery for the average large-scale production .

We also have to come back to recovery, which guarantee a maximum turning diameter up to 500-550 mm , we are equipped with a lathe Hardinge , capable of machining hardened materials for maximum precision and surface finish with minimum degree RA .

All turning operations are constantly monitored , ensuring the result at all stages of the process, in compliance with the requirements of the customer . The particular efficiency of our machines has enabled the company to achieve remarkable results in terms of accuracy and processing speed .