The OLMA srl is specialized in milling precision mechanics.

Thanks to highly qualified staff work centers constantly updated workshop is able to perform work on 3.4 and 5 axis milling .

We carry out work on a wide range of materials from ferrous metals, stainless steels , special steels , alloys and titanium. We have a fixed bed milling machines , where the fields of up to 2000mm in X and the 4th axis provide a wide range for various types of work . Main carateristica is the processing of castings in aluminum alloys , magnesium, cast iron which requires emphasis on the early stages of roughing, and then complete the steps to finish on our work centers with tilting table and 4th axis , or directly on the centers of 5-axis machining . perform work starting from carpentry , piastrame and material in any format provided by the customer or the tolling provision in full .

We have an area completely dedicated to the production of semi-finished products for the hydraulic sector with work centers equipped and qualified personnel for the optimization of production processes for large-scale production .

Providing our customers with all the work , even the most complex they need.