The OLMA srl is specialized in milling precision mechanics. Thanks to highly qualified staff work centers constantly updated workshop is able to perform work on 3.4 and 5 axis milling . We carry out work on a wide range of materials from ferrous metals, stainless steels , special steels , alloys and titanium. We have […]


The OLMA srl. is specialized in the machining of precision turning . Always placing highly qualified staff we are able to achieve mechanical parts machined to customer specification , thanks to our equipment we carry out machining from bar covering a range that goes from 8 mm up to 65 mm massino , equipped with […]


The workshop also deals with the adjustment of the mechanical details. We make special adjustments to previously processed, which require specific degrees of surface finish. We are equipped to adjustments of external diameters, surface grinding and centerless grinding, we have to Sunnen honing machine manual of internal holes. To guarantee the high standards of refinement […]

Spark erorsion

The workshop OLMA srl is also involved in execution of complex profiles that would be impossible to perform with tools on machining centers, thanks to Makino wire EDM is possible to achieve, you can get figures of high difficulty and finish on any conductive material current, whatever his state of hardening.

Heat treatments

 In addition to machining, we offer a service for the management of treatment required by the design, ranging from heat and surface treatments, decorative, thickness patching, welding, taking advantage of the best employees.

Laser marking

In order to complete the production cycle of a component, is currently required on most of the details that we build, traceability and identification of the same thanks to laser marking. This allows you to write codes and logos without altering the integrity of the surface detail. We also offer the service only laser marking […]