The OLMA srl is an metal-working company which produces precision mechanical parts behalf of third parties, for commissioned works or in full supply. It is among the companies that can provide a complete product, with heat and surface treatments. And ‘able to produce a wide range of products thanks to the ever-evolving machinery and continuous improvement that characterizes the will of the members. In fact it is able to produce from the equipment to complete single particular, from small batch to batch of media production in series. In addition to turning and milling, grinding run flat, external, internal, honing, wire EDM and laser marking. There is also a testing room fully equipped with a three-dimensional machine.

The OLMA srl was founded in 1992 as a result of transformation from OLMA snc company founded in 1984 thanks to the synergy between three partners: one of them, as well as the only one left of OLMA snc is the current social and legal representatives Augusto Cavina. The constant growth of the company, then brings the social structure in search of a valuable support to both working and managerial. With the entry in 1993 of the socio Avoni Alberto, has made ​​possible the separation of the two areas of turning and milling that today are handled independently by the two partners Cavina and Avoni. To date, the OLMA srl confirms its position in the market, having narrow solid partnerships with major companies in the area pià specialized in the mechanical sector. This result is given by the vast experience gained over the years and thanks to the passion that drives her towards one direction: the highest quality and customer satisfaction.